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Appointment Requests & Information

As a courtesy, we will call 24 to 72 hours prior to your upcoming appointment.

Our office hours are by appointment only. Appointments are normally made with your provider. If for any reason your provider is not available, arrangements may be made for you to see one of the other providers on a case-by-case basis or rescheduled upon your providers return. If you find that you cannot keep your appointment, we would appreciate it if you would give as much advance notice as possible, preferably 72 hours (3 days). This will allow other patients to be seen and for you to be able to reschedule if applicable. (Note: A failure to notify us may result in a no call/no show fee being added to your next visit unless exempt by insurance).

We appreciate the value of your time and every effort is made to keep our appointments as scheduled. However, emergency situations may cause unforeseen delays. If timing is critical to your schedule on a particular day, please notify the appointment coordinator so they may try to reschedule your appointment at the next available time.

For your convenience, we now offer an online option for appointment requests and scheduling.

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